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For corporate training events or association break-out sessions, Becky McCrary, CSP excels at training. Her consistent excellence and expertise make her a favorite for All Staff Training Days. She brings energy and excitement to the entire day, while she empowers and equips the entire organization.


Service is not a department – it’s a culture.
If we can’t have fun, she’s not coming.
It has to make a difference on Monday.

Why have Becky?

“Becky McCrary does not disappoint! I could tell she had attendees hooked in just the first few minutes. She drew on her experiences and that resonated well with the audience, she could honestly say she had been in their shoes. The ultimate professional, delivering the perfectly tailored message at the perfect time. Attendees left with information they could use the next day! For a meeting planner, she is the trifecta of speakers, reliable, educational and entertaining. She made me look like a rock star!” Rachel Selsky, PHR, AMOCO FCU

Becky is an elite Certified Speaking Professional. Fewer than 10% of the professional speakers in the world hold this credential…and only 232 women!

getting moving at BofTRClients often choose from her most popular topics. When something unique is required, Becky is happy to either develop a session to meet your needs or help you locate the perfect presenter skilled in that area. Not only do your people leave energized and inspired, they gain solid information to help them embrace the change of an uncertain business climate.

Becky’s Most Popular Sessions Include…

Leadership/Human Resources:

7 Great Habits You Have to STOP!

The drive to win helped to get you where you are. Why would you consider changing? Senior staff members are often naturally competitive. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is a problem, however, when we focus on winning when that isn’t what counts or when no one is counting. See how this “flaw” affects our success in other areas.

Are you building a solid team or encouraging sucking up? Are you providing explanations or excuses? Are you open to others’ insights or do you punish the messenger? Now is the time to identify what may be holding you back. Learn 7 steps to becoming a better you, building better relationships, and creating a better organization. Based on the best seller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith. Used by permission of the author.

Leadership – Even the Fun Stuff is Work

Explore this humorous look at traits of a leader. Understand why the oldest or most senior ranking person is not always in charge. Find workable tools for an incredible experience whether you are new in the position or have been leading for decades.

Discover the importance of building relationships, leading with attitude, bringing the team of talent together, and managing the expectations of all involved.

Retaining and Motivating in Tough Times

A recent Gallup poll revealed that one in every five employees now considers themselves disengaged from their job. That’s double the dissatisfaction since last CMCU0606.1summer. At the same time, employers have fewer resources with which to inspire them. And we’ve all seen what happens when negatives attitudes run rampart in the organization! You need more than warm bodies in the branch. You have to retain and motivate.

Discover six steps to increase employee motivation and retain your best talent, including “giving them choices,” “improving the work environment,” and more. Find four ways to motivate without spending money, including how to “communicate with those employees left behind after a layoff,” “address perceptions,” and more.

Now more than ever, managers hold the key to keeping their top performers performing at their peak. Use this time to equip yourself to unlock their passion.
Excelling as a First Time Supervisor

Whether you advanced through the ranks or were selected through an outside search, supervising people for the first time can be challenging. It is no longer about your excellent task management; it is now about leading people.

In our time together, we’ll expand on 10 Key Strategies for leading your team. From setting the right tone to creating an experience, you’ll identify your role in the success of others. From making tough choices to soliciting feedback, you’ll discover how others contribute to your success. Challenges, rewards, sharing and the inevitable open door policy, you’ll create a plan to encourage, value and expand the achievements of individuals and the group effort.

Mining the GOLD in Your Team

Every team member does not bring the same skills, abilities and potential to the table. Every team leader does not possess every skill or ability to do the job. What a team leader DOES possess is the potential to create GOLD from the team – but only with the right tools and attitude!

Recognize the impact of your team
4 Techniques to trade competition for collaboration
6 Strategies for your success

Talent Development:
Up to two days

Keeping It REAL in a Who Cares World: Relevant, Engaging, Authentic and Loyal

Service is a relationship business and it has to be REAL. That’s Relevant, Engaging, Authentic and Loyal. Refresh, revisit, or revise your conscious, or unconscious, decisions in the use of non-verbal communication, word choice and listening skills.

Service is about what puts one particular person in a better financial situation. Service is preparation. It’s listening. It’s being aware of opportunities. It is job knowledge and passion for the one customer standing in front of/sitting across from/on the phone with you. Connecting is the beginning of REAL World Service.

You get to write the script. Let it be for each customer to walk away or hang up saying, “WOW! I’ll never do business with anyone else!”

REAL Service: It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Even in this electronic age, customers continue to want that personal touch. Survey after survey confirms that many of them want to come in, call in, somehow communicate with us directly. We are available, intent on meeting or exceeding their expectations. Is it enough? How do you meet or exceed expectations when we don’t know what they are? What makes customers come in and come back? Does coming back mean they are delighted with our service?

5 steps to engage them, 6 tips for taking interest, 7 behaviors guaranteed to frustrate them ~ often to the point of never returning, 8 stress management tips to use when confronted by those who push, pull or prod.

I am NOT a Salesman!

Have you adopted a “sales culture” recently? Noticed mutiny on the part of employees?

No one likes to be sold to, yet everyone loves to buy. Your position in the company is not that of a salesman. You are a solution provider! When customers see you as knowledgeable and concerned, they will look to you for suggestions. Your focus is to put ONE person in a better financial situation.

Identifying problems and matching them to products and services takes focus.

In our highly-interactive time together, you’ll find a multitude of solutions for your customers’ everyday problems…solutions specifically offered by your organization. You’ll discover techniques to use when you take responsibility for attitudes, yours and the customers’, and learn to mirror for effectiveness.

You’ll walk away with a clear focus. And you still won’t be a salesman!

Listening – More Than Waiting For Your Turn to Talk

Can you believe how bad we are at listening? While others are sharing their insight and information, our minds wander off to the kids’ ballgames, our to-do list, or our response to the subject at hand. Your group will roar with their new awareness of the excuses we make and how they interfere with our desire to understand.

Modules include…10 Worst Excuses For Not Listening; 5 Tips for Effective Listening; Traits of a Great Listener; Getting Interested in Interest; and Effective Feedback.

Your Professional Image – One Neat Package

Researchers tell us that impressions are formed within eight seconds of meeting someone for the first time. Before we open our mouths, they decide our position, education, financial status, authority, care level, abilities, etc. All of this is accomplished by our body language and style.

Through style, we express the positives of who we are or strive to be. We reflect self-confidence and self-respect within the guidelines of the world in which we live or work. It’s through style that we project our image.

Discover the traits that make up your image. Learn proven techniques to improve your listening skills, your professional appearance, even your attitude. Break out of the mold if you choose, but know the risk ahead of time!

Lessening the Stress of Service

What causes stress in your life ~ Time? Relationships? Environment? In this highly interactive session, you will learn to identify common stressors. But that isn’t enough. Some stressors are impossible to push aside and you have 5-24-2011 Blue Ox10to deal with the results.

You will discover…the top 10 time wasters, along with your personal external and internal wasters; 4 resources for help; 10 mistakes that lead to stress; 10 ways to reduce stress; 7 ways to defuse angry customers

Practice easy, doable techniques to put stress in its place – even when you are busy.
Leave equipped to deal with similar events. Identify 4 steps to implement change that will reduce your symptoms. Lessening the stress of service can put us back in control of our moods, our tasks and our situations.


Delivering Diversity Southern Style

Are you sick of people talking about Diversity? Do age, race, gender and more have to impact every decision you make? Do you wish we could just treat people as people without having to think about where they come from or their preferences? Well, you are in luck! Because that is NOT Diversity.

Diversity’s focus is on creating a respectful environment for everyone you meet and those with whom you work. You can expect to be gracious towards others and to meet them where they are. The South has long been known for its hospitality and, LUCKY YOU, you now have the opportunity to experience that up front and personal with

…an attitude of diversity
…3 secrets to courtesy, cooperation and consistency
…6 steps to inclusion
…style, bias and manners that matter

Business Development:

Relationship Networking “On Purpose!”
Up to two days

Have you ever walked in to a room full of strangers and froze? Do you look for a familiar face and spend your time socializing, instead of prospecting? Are you uncomfortable exchanging business cards or offering a handshake? This recovering wallflower went from zero business contacts to over 2000 in less than five years, and was named Business Development Professional of the Year by a national trade association.

Modules include…The Power of Preparation; Greeting Strangers; Developing an Aura of Power and Influence; Roarin’ Rolodexes; Separating Yourself From Monopolizers; A Servant Heart; Fabulous Follow Up; What To Do When It Doesn’t Work, and much more

Trade Show Success:

Your trade show expos are a huge part of your annual conventions. Exhibitors depend on the opportunities to meet your participants and expand relationships. You depend on the revenue. Would you like to get more out of them?

Before your next event, offer your exhibitors tips and techniques on how to make great first impressions and get more out of their time there. Help them learn to meet, greet and welcome, without expecting to give a sales presentation in three minutes or less. This is the time to plant seeds of interest. The harvest will come later.

Get a sponsor and have Becky speak during your exhibitors’ luncheon before the event or after set up is complete the day before. Think about it. How can you enhance the quality of the time offered?


Mining the Gold in Your Team
(3.5 hour activity) Associations even do this for their own staff training

Let’s go West in search of GOLD! Journey to the trails and caves of Superstition Mountains, AZ in search of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and let’s “mine as much gold as we can.” What is gold to you? Maybe it’s results, goals or accomplishments. Maybe it’s human capital, ideas for innovation or customer retention. Discover what is getting in your way of mining as much gold as we can. Observe teamwork like you’ve never seen it before.

Organizations need high-impact tools to improve communications, teamwork and leadership. Experiential exercises and action learning have proven to be of great benefit when directly linked to business issues. Impacts are long-term and participants have fun.
This simulation is a memorable and powerful experience. Participants will focus intense energy on generating solutions and planning for resource consumption. In particular, it often generates collaboration and communication behaviors that link to real organizational improvement opportunities. And you don’t get wet!

Political Involvement – It isn’t fatal!

Called your congressman lately? Know who is on the committee most important to your organization? Break out in a cold sweat at the prospect of getting a call from one of them? Laugh and learn tips to overcome activism reluctance. You’ll identify with Becky’s hilarious experiences and find workable solutions to being politically involved where you are.

Modules include…Preparing for the Call; Preparing for the Return Call; Identifying the Need; Locating Your Resources and much more.

Additional Topics for Not-For-Profit Associations:

Visionary Volunteers

When your organization reaches out to involve volunteers in boards, committees and councils, as your employees step out into the communities and assume leadership roles, as you work to enhance a cross-training environment where staff members step up and say “Sure, I’ll do that,” the unknown factor is usually their vision.

When volunteers serve an organization, the attitudes they bring to their servant roles directly affect the success of the group and the mission of the organization.

Learn the value of Learning and Listening, balance the Requirement of Commitment and Action, embrace the Diversity of Talents and Opinions, and adopt an Attitude of Servant-hood. Your volunteer group and your organization may never be the same!

Attracting Volunteers: Magnetize Your Organization

According to Webster, magnetize means to exert an irresistible influence upon something. Learn three expectations of prospective volunteers. Learn five ways to attract volunteers to your organization.

Looking for Board members and volunteers in general can be exhausting. Your members are busy. Why would they want to spend their free time working at the Association? Because you are irresistible!

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