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Unimaginable Service: Nothing but WOW from the Phone to the Front Line! 

What are your customers saying about you?

When we experience outstanding service, we may tell one or two people about it. A bad experience used to be shared with up to 20 people. With today’s social media, a negative experience can reach hundreds or even thousands of people within 12 hours. Customers will talk about your service. The good news is you get to write the script.

Through this 3-part web-delivered series on Unimaginable Service, Becky will help you write your winning script!

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Part 1
Recognize that unimaginable service starts and ends with the customer – not the product, the brochure, the website or the current sales pitch. The skills are simple – listen, be knowledgeable and prepared, look for opportunities. And finally, find the passion for the customer sitting across from you or on the other end of the phone with these

  • 10 expectations of your service
  • 5 practices that make customers cringe
  • 7 negative phrases into statements of concern
  • 5 stumbling blocks into building blocks of communication




Part 2
Everybody says they provide excellent service. They care about their members, clients, patrons and customers. They perform transactions in a timely manner, accurately and with a smile on their faces. So what? Is doing the transaction enough? Are you engaging clients to do business with you? Let’s act “on purpose!” with these

  • 6 steps of engagement
  • 4 steps to build consumer engagement
  • 6 steps for service that exceeds




Part 3
Uncontrolled rage. Shouting. Accusations. Perhaps profanity. From time to time, everyone will face an angry customer. You can’t throw a bucket of water on them to calm the situation. No, really, you can’t! Instead, pull out these

  • 7 ready-to-go responses and take control of the situations
  • 10 mistakes that lead to stress
  • 4 quick, easy, doable ideas to manage it

Be amazing! They will say “WOW! I will never do business with anyone else!”




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