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Becky’s wit and wisdom will kick off your conference, getting your audience excited about what’s to come. Her keynotes are fun and funny, insightful and empowering, filled with AHAs and thought-provoking moments. Or perhaps you want Becky to close your conference, wrapping up the time together, and preparing them to take the wealth of information gained to embrace the changes of relevance in their industries. Either way, you will make a great decision by selecting Becky as your next keynote speaker.

These are Becky’s most requested Keynote Presentations:

A Passion for Your Profession

Passion. Webster defines it as an intense or violent emotion. Society defines it as an all-consuming channel of activity. Perhaps you define your passion by your attitudes

Glamour Becky 1Attitudes are everywhere. They motivate, inspire, encourage, tear down, disable, and so much more. It doesn’t matter what you think your attitude looks like; all that matters is what they think it looks like!

We learn from everyone with whom we come in contact…good and bad. Take a hard look at what inspires and motivates you and prepare to be surprised. You’ll pause. You’ll ponder. You’ll laugh out loud. Attitudes of Appreciation, Partnership, Acceptance, Perseverance and Self-Assurance serve to inspire businesses and individuals alike.

(up to 75 minutes)

Getting a Grip on Change

It happens. Someone gets promoted. Someone retires. The data processor expires. The economy shifts. Children leave home. Children come back. We were working our plan and now it’s useless. What are we supposed to do? Planning for change is something we tell ourselves we’ll do next time. Well, next time has arrived. And it isn’t too late.

Learn five techniques to get ahead of change. You can leverage your existing skills, find a place to fit in, and put it in perspective. Don’t let change slip up on you; get a grip.

(up to 75 minutes)

Leadership – Even the Fun Stuff is Work

Explore this humorous look at traits of a leader.

Understand why the oldest, most tenured or senior ranking person is not always in charge. Find workable tools to use when you are caught in the middle between someone who wants to be in charge and their reluctant followers.

Discover the importance of leading with attitude, bringing the team of talent together and managing the expectations of all involved.

(up to 75 minutes)

 7 Great Habits You Have to STOP!

The drive to win helped to get you where you are. Why would you consider changing? Senior staff members are often naturally competitive. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is a problem, however, when we focus on winning when winning doesn’t count, or when no one is counting. See how this “flaw” affects our success in other areas.

Are you building a solid team or encouraging sucking up? Are you providing explanations or excuses? Are you open to others’ insights or do you punish the 2013 SEE MPI.2messenger? Now is the time to identify what may be holding you back. Learn seven steps to becoming a better you, building better relationships, and creating a better organization.  Based on the best seller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith. Used by permission of the author.

(up to 75 minutes)

Service Excellence

Everybody wants to talk. Who’s listening? Everybody has a script. Who cares? Communication is the beginning of connecting. Connecting is the beginning of unimaginable service.
But service isn’t about us. It’s about them! Service isn’t about our product of the month. It isn’t our awesome brochure or winning web site. Service is about what puts one particular person in a better situation.  Service is preparation. It’s listening. It’s being aware of opportunities. It is job knowledge and passion for one customer, one member, one patient, one guest.

You get to write the script. Let it be for each customer to walk away, sign off, or hang up saying, “WOW! I’ll never do business with anyone else!”

 (up to 75 minutes)


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