My grandsons love to play “Punch Buggy.” You know this, right? The first one to see a Volkswagon Beetle, punches the other, says Punch Buggy, and names the color of the car. The boys are really good at this.

  • “Punch Buggy Red!”
  • “Punch Buggy Green!”
  • “Punch Buggy Gray!” “That is NOT gray. It’s silver.” And a chorus of “same thing!”

Whether a 15 minute ride to the mall or an hour and a half drive to Columbia, we are focused on being the first to see a Beetle.

We may meet 847 cars, but we only see the Beetles. We’re scanning parking lots, looking only for the Beetles. Fords, Chevys, BMWs, Hondas are only a blur. They don’t matter; they aren’t Beetles.

In our work-a-day world, we can sometimes become focused on one thing. Coaching a challenging employee. Improving the bottom line. Working fewer hours. Moving the line. Enhancing the use of technology. Getting rid of the piles. Saying “thank you.” Any one of them a good thing, but not the only thing.

We all need the ability to see the big picture. Customer service representatives, call center agents, managers, sales associates, nurses, mechanics, accountants, tellers, entrepreneurs, dental hygienists – from the front line to the bottom line – when we focus on the big picture, we see not only our part in it, but how we impact other areas. The big picture helps us make decisions, set goals, and resolve issues. The big picture enables us to see the vision and work the plan.

If you aren’t certain of the big picture, this is a great time to schedule a chat with your manager or your support group. Ask great questions.

  • “How will we define success?”
  • “What has to happen for us to get there?”
  • “Who | What skill sets do we need on our team?”
  • “Why is that our goal?”
  • “Where do I fit in?”

Then hush. Listen. Watch the big picture come into focus. Claim it. Now it’s your job to share the vision, with coworkers, customers, your community. The entire vision. Not just the reds. Not just the blues. Not just the silvers. All of it.

Holler, if you need me. I’m here for you.