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Becky McCrary is called the Carol Burnett of Conventions, the Energizer Bunny in high-heeled shoes, a redhead Amy Poehler, and Southern Sass. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator who energizes and inspires association, corporate and agency audiences. An internationally recognized expert on relationship building: with customers, staff, peers and partners, Becky uses personal experiences, hold-your-face humor, and unimaginable insight to guide audiences to a profound belief in their own purpose, passion, and power.

She spent twenty years in financial services: performed teller transactions, opened new accounts, approved and processed consumer loans, originated mortgage loans, managed branch operations, developed regional business partners and inspired her staff. She discovered that those insights learned could be transferred to corporations, associations and agencies as varied as finance, retail, grocers, insurance, small business, libraries, flooring, utilities, women’s groups and more.

With 80+ year-old parents, Becky often meets her four sisters in a doctor’s office or around a hospital bed. She has worked with hospital systems, private practices and healthcare associations, delivering customized presentations on service and leadership for everyone from admission clerks and telephone operators to physicians and practice managers. For employee recognition events, Becky has inspired audiences of up to 1,200.

Her favorite position was managing a financial services call center, where she took service complaints from an average of 60 per month to one per quarter. You just can’t please Mr. Anderson. Let it go. Within 90 days of working with Becky, Liberty Life Insurance received a 100% customer satisfaction rating in the areas of courtesy and professionalism.

Participants consistently rave that her riveting stories are an inspiration to them. Executives, managers, staff, women’s groups and sales teams alike are pushed outside their comfort zones and into a world of the possible and probable.

Becky is the author of Relationship Networking “On Purpose!,” a guide to move you from the comfort of the wall to the power, action and business found in the center of the room. She created the “ABCs of Service” flipbook, with 26 helpful tips on being a premiere service provider. Her newest book, “REAL Customer Service: Being Relevant, Engaging, Authentic and Loyal in a Who Gives a **** World” is scheduled for release early 2015.

She has earned the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional credential, one of only 232 women in the world to hold this designation. The speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill, the CSP is conferred by the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation only on accomplished professional speakers who have earned it by meeting five years of strict criteria.

Her expertise is centered in how we treat each other. Whether sales & service, leadership or inspiration we get more understanding and agreement when we get REAL. Relevant, Engaging, Authentic and Loyal will win them over every time.

Becky has taken her wit and wisdom to associations, corporations and agencies in 40 states, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, she was on a cruise ship. But she was speaking, so it still counts! She is fun, relevant, insightful and risk free. You are just going to love her!

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