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I am NOT a Salesman! 10.11.13

We have our assigned tasks. We want to tell others what we know. We make suggestions as to what they should do. We want their signature on the dotted line. And we just want to move the line or get people off the phone. Unfortunately, people don’t always follow our lead. They have opinions. They […]

Your Preposition of Choice 09.27.13

One little difference. You can outline your entire business plan with one little difference. You can predict the professional development of your entire staff with one little difference. You can identify the stress level of all involved with one little difference. You can identify staying power with one little difference…a preposition. Remember third grade English? […]

You’re a Supervisor – Now What? 12.06.12

Things have changed. With your promotion or new hire, you are no longer “doing” the task. Now your focus is on “leading” others to do the task. But you really enjoyed doing it! I know. Now you’ll turn loose of it and inspire your team to take responsibility for it. And with the proper training […]

Keeping Your Cool in a Stressed Out World 09.05.12

There are four reasons you lose a customer. They no longer need products in your category. They are unhappy with your price. They are unhappy with your product. They are unhappy with the way they are treated. Businesses usually tackle problems by addressing price, believing that it is enough to keep customers happy. But in […]