Unimaginable Service Part 3

Unimaginable Service:

Nothing but WOW from the Phone to the Front Line!

Keeping Your Cool in a Stressed Out World:
Taking control and winning over even your toughest customer is the third of a three-part series on providing exceptional customer service.

When we experience outstanding service, we may tell one or two people about it. But a bad experience is shared with up to 20 people. Your customers will talk. The question? What are they saying about you?

Certified Speaking Professional Becky McCrary is an internationally recognized expert on customer service and business communication. Her programs have been developed based on years of experience in the business world. With wit and wisdom, Becky has taken her insightful and
inspiring programs to business organizations and associations in 39 states and the Caribbean.

In Part 3, we will talk about the difficult clients and how to convert negative energy into positive results. Uncontrolled rage. Shouting. Accusations. Perhaps profanity. From time to time, everyone will face an angry customer. You can’t throw a bucket of water on them to calmĀ the situation. No, really, you can’t Instead, pull out these ready-to-go responses and take control of the situations. Then identify 10 mistakes that lead to stress and 4 quick, easy, doable ideas to manage it. Be amazing! They will say “WOW! I will never do business with anyone else!”