Unimaginable Service Part 2

Getting Engaged:
You and your customers live happily ever after

Part two of a three-part series OR as a stand alone seminar

What are your customers saying about you?


When we experience outstanding service, we may tell one or two people about it. But a bad experience is shared with up to 20 people. Customers
will talk about your service. The good news is you get to write the script. 

Certified Speaking Professional Becky McCrary is an internationally recognized expert on customer service and  business communication. Her programs have been developed based on years of experience in the business world. With wit and wisdom, Becky has taken her insightful and inspiring programs to business organizations and associations in 39 states and the Caribbean. 

Through this three-part web-delivered series on Unimaginable Service, Becky will help you write your winning script!


In Part 2 of Unimaginable Service: Engagement

Everybody says they provide excellent service. They care about their members, clients, patients and customers. They perform transactions in a
timely manner, accurately and with a smile on their faces. So what? Is doing the transaction enough? Are you engaging customers to do business with you? 

Good service isn’t good enough anymore. consumers have more options, higher expectations and are quick to vote with their feet and their wallets when they are not happy.

  •  Identify 6  steps of initial consumer engagement 
  • Determine  how you can use these to delight your customers
  • Build on 4 characteristics of consumer engagement with your company

Act “on purpose!”