Are you contending with change in the workplace? Asked to do more with fewer hands and resources? If you’ve seen someone lose her job, you may be scared, wondering if you are next. Or perhaps you are seeing growth. New faces. New positions. Feeling like you are being overlooked? In the midst of this stress, how do you maintain a healthy sense of self-worth?

Make yourself more valuable.

Take an online course. Whether offered through your local technical college or the organization, you can learn new skills or refresh existing skills at your own pace. It is always in your best interest to learn.

Read the operating manuals on your shelf. Even if you’ve been doing this job for years, read the brochures. I know. They are 32 pages and 4 point font. But it is amazing the information you’ll find there!

Clean your work station. Get rid of the clutter that you’ve held on to related to past systems and operations. It is holding you back! A clean station allows you to be more productive. You are also perceived as more attentive to detail. And it makes you feel better!

Volunteer. Offer to cross-train in another area or on another task. I know. You are already busy. But this isn’t about being busy. It’s about being valuable. And it’s a new game. You can’t rest on what you have done. Customers and managers are now asking “What have you done for me lately?”

When others recognize the value you bring, your sense of self-worth increases. Be a resource to others. Professional improvement should be at the top of your list.

Make yourself more available.

Be prepared. For the task and the day, that is. Get at least seven hours of sleep EVERY night. Studies show that you can’t operate on a deficient all week and then “catch up” on the weekends.

Be quiet. Whether you call it meditation, prayer or quiet time, you need to periodically disconnect to rejuvenate yourself. When you are physically, emotionally and psychologically drained, you don’t have anything to give to others. Then requests for assistance just wear you down further. How does that make you feel?

Be positive. Take down those negative signs and posters. I know. They were cute. But negativity is contagious. When someone else begins to complain, stop them, change the subject, or walk away. Granny always said, “You don’t look good by trying to make someone else look bad.” A positive attitude toward the work, the customers, and your coworkers will add to your feelings of self-worth. Pay attention to what you listen to, what you read, what you watch, and who you hang out with. Let the conversations be uplifting, the books entertaining, the shows inspiring, and the people comedic. That’s right. Hang out with funny people. Don’t know any? Hang out with funny looking people. Same affect!

Make yourself more believable.

You have a new mantra. You have to believe it before others will. Stand in front of the mirror and say, out loud, “They are so lucky to have me.” Did you believe that? Say it, again. Again. Do you hear your confidence? Say it tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. As you begin to act out this mantra, it will positively impact your feelings of self-worth.

Yes. There is more to getting the job, keeping the job, and getting the promotion than just doing the work. How you feel about yourself has a tremendous impact on how others see you and treat you. Maintain that healthy sense of self-worth and watch doors of opportunity open.