It just doesn’t have to be this hard.

That’s too cute.

Oh no, he didn’t!

What am I going to do with you?

You’re Planning an Event!

YEA! Thanks so much for checking out the website of Certified Speaking Professional, Becky McCrary. Let’s see if we’d be a good fit.

Becky has two mantras.

1)  If we can’t have fun, she’s not coming.

2)  Her time with you has to make a difference on Monday.

Interested? Let’s keep going.

“I would highly recommend Becky McCrary as an exceptionally qualified speaker with a dynamic presentation style, wealth of knowledge and true-life experiences, and a sincere joy for life!”  Jennifer Green, Vice President, Louisiana Credit Union League

When you need an expert who is a fun and funny speaker, when you want your audience to think differently, when you want them to feel equipped and empowered, let’s keep going.

If your audience needs to move forward, when change has been rejected and the status quo embraced, when motivation and inspiration are required, let’s keep going.

When they realize that the front line impacts the bottom line, laughter makes the learning stick, and a sale is service and service is sales, let’s keep going.

People need to laugh. They need to feel that the struggles of today will pass. They need to believe that they will survive. The eternal optimist, Becky provides an avenue for them to unwind, unplug, and unveil their passions. Motivation is a decision that requires direction. Becky reveals the path.

“You were personable, energetic, enlightening, informative, enjoyable, and extremely practical. In other words, the meeting was a definite success!”  Kelley Moss, Training Coordinator, Bank of Travelers Rest

When you are looking for a special someone for your next event, call Becky. 864-399-9685. When your participants ask for high-energy, relevant, proven, personalized, something they can take back and use right away, call Becky. That’s 864-399-9685. She is the speaker they’ll be talking about for a very long time.

“Your presentation was rated as superb! Your message was on target and your humor left everyone wanting to hear more.”  Debra M. Moses, Co-Chair, South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Association

Becky’s expertise lies in how we treat each other. That might be customer service, sales/business development, leadership, change, diversity, or just a little inspiration. She is fun and funny. She is a Certified Speaking Professional, one of only 232 women in the world to hold this credential. You are just going to love her!

Let’s go!

Why should you choose a National Speakers Association (NSA) professional speaker for your next meeting?

» NSA is the leading association for professional speakers, providing resources and education designed to advance the skills, integrity, and value of its members and the speaking profession.
» NSA is a member of the Global Speakers Federation and a part of the global community of professional speakers worldwide.
» As a condition of membership, NSA members abide by a Code of Professional Ethics.
» NSA members must qualify for professional membership.
» The NSA logo used by its members reflects the quality and integrity of the speaking industry.

You have many choices of presenters to select from for your meetings. Choosing an NSA speaker simply makes good business sense.

Becky is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Why do you care?

The speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill, the CSP designation is conferred by NSA and the Global Speakers Federation only on accomplished professional speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria.

Think the caliber of presenters you select for your event is important? Professional speakers who have earned the CSP designation bring a proven track record of experience and expertise to your meeting. As speakers go through the five-year process of becoming certified, they are required to:

» Receive excellent ratings from past clients on performance evaluations;
» Demonstrate that they serve a wide variety of clients;
» Take part in ongoing education;
» Perform and document hundreds of presentations;
» Submit testimonial letters from their clients; and
» Provide samples of their promotional materials.

Becky is a proven professional, one of only 232 women in the world who hold the Certified Speaking Professional credential. You are just going to love her!


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It Doesn't Have To Be This Hard

by Becky McCrary, CSP | Featured On: Your Life Unlimited with Stephanie Staples, CSP